Sexy ladies are into it too…

The real Netflix and Chill has usually left me watching anime. For some reason it has a nice adult (not always sexual) theme with long lows and short climaxes. Anime has a lot of staring and dialogue which leaves time for romance. Things can happen and both can pause to see the brief fight scene and get back to kissing. Got to love anime.

Growing popularity

There was a misconception of the average woman only likes anime and gaming and beautiful women only pretended to like it to look cute. However, we see more and more very beautiful women flocking to anime and searching for someone who knows enough to introduce them to new anime shows. Sounds like a plan fellas? There are countless shows with a lot of episodes and seasons, if you can manage to shut up when it’s time maybe you can get in on the action.

So lets Chill on the couch and let’s watch some anime. 


Project your love

House to small but great anime and chill ideas is using a projector and movie style popcorn. Go easy on the popcorn, soon after the corn get stuck in teeth and that could cause problems later on.  If the projector is really high end it can work well on a roof top location outdoors.

More about this SET:


In 2016 was the first time I shot this awesome person. As fate would have it I was shooting at night. It’s funny because these re-edits really vibes with who I am as a person. I want to relax at night but manage to get work done. Sounds lazy right? All our troubles seem to pile up like trash at the end of the streets in the slums on a windy day. It’s difficult for me to find a beautiful night. That night I found both a beautiful night and woman; mind and body.

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