Isom's latenight
Taken by I.Jacobs

It’s been two years since I lost my best friend. It’s interesting because even though he isn’t here he has been my biggest motivator. I know my friend so well I know exactly what he would say to me when I am down, no matter if I went through it for the first time.

Sometimes I still write to him on Facebook as if I still did back in the day where we shared our war stories. He is a big reason why the night life has so many memories. As kids we really couldn’t hang out indoors as to not disturb our families so me and one other friend (also best friend) would hang out and have a good time even with no more than $10 to our names.

The three of us taught each other how to fight as we sparred like warriors to pass the time. I was the handle my friends were each side of the blade. In any other world we would be enemies, but I suppose that what makes friends powerful.

Most of our problems seem to rise at night. It was crucial for me to get them off my chest as I’d  assume that would be the same for many others. The world isn’t a place where trust is protected but if you reach out to me I will listen.

Special thanks to my friends who are here and who are not who I usually hung out at night.


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