Imagine being on a couple’s cruise as a single man with your lady friend. she is off having fun and left you to enjoy your night, and you see her at the end of the hot tub. What do you do?

Photos not associated with the cruise

I ran across a couples cruise in LA. Of course I am single and I’m very cheap but this cruise sounds more like a a place for a single man to visit more than a happy couple trying to “spice” things up.

However, the thing about nudity is after 5 mins of seeing it, you almost forget its there. This speaks to the kind of crowd that is there. It’s a crowd that I am not use to, but I love to try new things.

If I took my woman on a cruise that has a nude section near the pool and deck area I can’t expect her not to look as parts would be all over the place. It seems interesting as I am not one to enjoy the normal life. However  I would have to bring a friend and not an ex or a love interest. Let’s be honest fellas we are probably not our love interest first choice. For the women, yeah always someone with a better body and more willing. Trust does allow for more fun with a couple.

Aside from swinger and nudist I can’t imagine the kind of couple that would join this cruise. But if this doesn’t sound like the fun crowd then I’m completely lost., even if they aren’t swingers.

That is still my kind of Summer’s night. Something that’s chill and up in the air. I love the idea of freedom.


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