Ah the night often belongs to the solo artist with few followers or a world full of none believers.

Suggestion of the Night

Find you a partner for the night to build something creative. 

It is said that after 10 is booty call hours and 3 a.m. is the devil’s hour. I see the night of restless energy. One could have sex for countless hours during the night or knock out after one round or… use those creative juices to build some character. who knows all that building can be a form of foreplay. however, even if it’s a one man/woman army I encourage anyone to continue to build away or think of great ideas. That will at least be something to draw someone in on the creative projects.


When I’m alone

I dream…

Sometimes I go for a walk in my neighborhood or in the city of Chicago as if the city was mine. It’s a powerful feeling when nobody loves that isn’t obligated by blood. I always wished someone was with me during the night working on our dreams…

I quick list of the muses that were the reason my window was bright during the night.

For the most part I was lucky enough to find people willing to work on my dreams with me. Honestly, each group or person that I worked with it felt like a different life as the person you would have met was very different yet similar as if I was a descendant of myself. The improvements can be massive when we collaborate on our most creative times during the day. There were times when I had a group of 10 studying biology until the sunrise. Other times Models shot with me for many hours as the evening turned into night.

I currently face most weekend nights alone to ponder new plans. Sometimes the nights can sway from peaceful to dreadful as depression and migraines sometimes break my lonely toil. Smooth music and finishing task usually makes the pain worth it even if the world currently thinks of me as a failure. As we are all failures until we make it, keep that in mind.

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