Accidental StarBoy

I didn’t intend on this but last January I did a self-portrait that reminded me of The Weekend’s music video Starboy.


This has a similar mood to it. The color grading is similar and it’s dark yet not evil or full of gore. At the same time The Weekend did place himself as a villain as I see myself as such.

That glove, well I only could find one so I put a big focal point on it. Sadly I need to buy new gloves this winter as now I lost both. The headphones, I bought from amazon. They glow by plugging them into a USB slot on a computer. Although, if you have a portable  phone charger you can walk around in the dead of night like some anime character on a punk mission.

Which oddly enough the photo I took in October would seem more like Starboy meets Cowboy Bebop.


This was a concept shot. As much of my self-portrait is when I try out something new creatively. These are often my best work. If I can beat this sickness there will be another concept shoot made for this website. I am excited about this, stay tuned!