If the words from my heart can help another I would be very pleased. 

Questions I’d love to have answered

What is it about the night that makes the burden too much?

Why are we looking for better days? Maybe we fight our wars at night.

What is it about the Night that makes us crave love so much, do we really call this lust?


I had a tough night. I have many tough nights. Listening to better days by Tupac trying to understand the constant hurt. When I hear Tupac’s music it’s much like speaking to my friend who passed. Our favorite artist was Tupac as we sat and listened to him as we spoke our lives.

“Me and my dogs ain’t have no choice but to roll on.” -Tupac

Maybe I just feel misunderstood or mistreated. It’s something about the late night that brings our shield down and show the room our true self. Perhaps that’s why its such a precious moment to sit with someone at night that doesn’t involve weed (Perhaps it can involve weed, I don’t know because I don’t smoke).


This Burden

Maybe we are tired of holding up our shield and we need to let them down. I hope me and others can find peace in this temporary weakness.

Better Days

Are the days better or does the sunlight give us the bliss of opportunity and the night is where reality hits of our wasted day?  Thinking about better days where I can be proud of myself. I also hope for better days when it don’t seem as much as a one-sided battle.

The Love. The Lust

As I lay down and think about life, why does the need for a woman always seem to cross my mind?

I absolutely love sleeping next to a beautiful woman but I hate it as cuddling often leaves me sleeping in awkward positions. At least about 80% of the time I wake up with a migraine thanks to a stiff neck and broken sleep. So what is it with me?

To be honest, at night I think about the stars and the entire universe; even the multiverse. It can make a person very depressed and very small. I often feel like Carl from Aqua Team Hunger Force…”It don’t matter… None of this matters.” When a woman is near I always feel special as their attention is fully devoted to me. So ladies think twice if you feel used for being wanted at night, sometimes we just want to matter.

It don’t matter… None of this matters – Carl

I’m naturally affectionate

So matching the comfort of a nice bed and affection of a woman will put me to sleep instantly.

I don’t always need a woman, but when I do it’s Dire.

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