I hope you care as I sit here thinking of something note worthy to write for any reader that stumble across this site. (Also a preview of anther hidden shoot).

Listening Party

Music is often a date for one. However I have another late night activity. A listening party. Now most parties are usually accompanied with music we dance to but this is the type I would request something a bit slower and lyrical. We can and should still dance but a multilayered parties just feel like something that creates and strengthen culture.

A touch of class. A touch of underground roughness.

Sit back and sip wine and smoke. Have intelligent conversation about the lyrics and underground artist that people need to get wise on. To add to the vibe — if I hosted such event I would Bring all of my artist to show their art, open mics etc. An interactive party where people can celebrate their passion. I think it has a little more substance then just going out because it’s been a while.

I want it like this to not have a crowd with nothing but artist preaching skills to other artist. Screaming wake up to a bunch of insomniacs is what that would feel like, or a Facebook group for artist.

I plan to throw one of my own. Starting small and hopefully it will grow.



These photos are just a preview of a massive shoot that I shot a while back. not sure exactly how I will get them all to the public but here is a nice leak for my first group of people who found me first.


A lot of these photo sessions have a lot of meaning to me and it speaks to the type of person I am creatively. I am very experimental and I love the human element. My experiments is usually on bringing out who is inside the model. Which is why I love the human element. I also use light to change the mood of the shot. Usually a darker mood. Cry for help? Never mind.

The great thing about shooting is the conversation. Finally I can interact with people without the computer screen of my phone.  No waiting to form a perfect response to text just a natural conversation. Social media has left me detached. If I would have recorded behind the scene video I think it would have warmed a lot of hearts.



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