Meet me there…

Photo breakdown


Am I the only one who wishes someone would meet me in my quiet place suffering through the same things?

When I saw this place it reminded me of all of my quiet places of solitude. Those places I tried to escape to but only wished for someone meet me there.

For years I always fantasized of meeting my soul-mate in my darkest moments. With the hope that it’s all up hill from there. There is something peaceful and lonely about the fire escape. When we are depressed we want love the most, yet that is when are the least desirable. All in all our fire escape will have us left stranded on the roof howling at the moon alone.

The fire escape is always colonized by friends. Then that depressing prison becomes a haven. That haven draws a crowd. I can’t believe how often this happens.


My fire escape is a 3 a.m. walk at night. My friend who passed always walked with me. I tell him often, “If I told you when we were kids that it would come to this, would you have believed me?” I often still wonder how it come to this. This is one of those escapes that may stay just me as no one can see my friend to follow along.

This post. It’s another fire escape. Hoping someone walks in and understands. This blog. It’s a place I hope for people to vibe with similar minds. I know a lot of us go through a lot at night but there is so much power when we are not alone. We hope for a pity party but end up with a truce with the universe for the night. A night I always chased since the first time I reached that agreement…


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