Goodness. Isn’t frustrating knowing where the pitfall is located and people brush off your advice and walk right in?
You can’t always tell someone to look up for the fastest route, sometimes you got to just walk with them to see why they must take this path…

This makes a lot of us immediately feel alone not only within a crowd but alone while even receiving a hug. An embrace that would feel pleasant can have a person overcome with sadness from solitude. Well… Let’s see what may be the problem.

Are you by any chance a know-it-all?

None of us really think we know it all. If we are insane enough to think that then we might have enough voices in our heads that listens. My question really is; do we feel that we know most than the common man? And if you also answer yes to the following: Do you also make the same or less than the common man? Then you might be considered a know-it-all, even if you indeed know more than many scholars.

The Reason

People have a massive ego. We spend countless hours on social media arguing meaningless points on activism, while partaking in no kinds of activism. We post screen shots of stupider people as we flaunt how uncommon our common sense appear to be.

Flexing your mental prowess only makes them feel smaller. I face this problem a lot. I have an awkward cache of random but practical information. So I can tell a person random and valuable information that would almost always discredit someone. There are a lot of bad information out here and I happen to already know the truth before the fakes surfaced. So I come off as a guy who has a story for everything. Which leads into my next point.

A leading cause to a person’s loneliness is usually a personal trait that isn’t desirable. These discontents are often misunderstandings. The isolation make these flaws grow as many personality defects are tied to our egos that hogs the spot light of our lives. The other part of that double edge sword is our ego can rationalize our solitude by pointing the finger. 
Ego is like a spotlight. It can really make you shine and alone.

The Fix

Sometimes it’s good to relate to people, but it becomes irritating to related to everything someone says. They catch on believe me.

I was not the guy who had a story for everyone’s story to top them but I knew of some and damn was it obvious. Conversely, I did have facts for every alternative fact. This may be worse than having a story to one up theirs. I had a fact to one-up their facts. I can easily come off as a pathological liar, a one upper and a condescending know-it-all.

Play the fool. Play it! I know might be the hardest thing to do in the world of people protesting skin rashes, but do it. At the very least if you don’t know something at least half of the time the other half people will notice your conviction.

I am finding out a good leader only knows what to do when they are needed in the clutch. Give advice all of the time and you seem controlling.  Yes I’m advising right now but that’s because I myself didn’t know how bad it was for my life.

Photos taken by me in the City of Chicago. Sometimes I take a nice walk about and let the city speak to me. These photos speak to who I am as a person and the things I scream out for others to hear. I would say help but how do one help a starving artist, especially a photographer? More Times than not my photos will be cool and moody as a growing trademark to my style and brand.


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