“You look like you seen a ghost.”

Is it better to not care? If I care should I stay? Love can be but at time shouldn’t be complicated.

If you love stay, but then there is a conflict of interest.

It’s hard for me to write about heart-break as it’s a double edge sword for me. Maybe this was the groundwork of many love songs. Imagine feeling the pain of a love lost and your very presence is causing pain. Hard to figure out if the separation or the two personalities are whats wrong with the co-existence.


The burning question is love enough? 

A: No, it’s not but let’s be honest we go back. The important thing is why  did you two fall in love. Make sure that is still there. Love can still be there even if the reason is gone. (see Reasons by Earth, Wind, and Fire).

Sometimes I feel like there is a special place in hell for me and I never cheated, hit, disrespected or raised my voice. Just the simple fact of not being one with someone who says they love me is often hard to bear. But we all need to remember not to beat ourselves up. It could all be in ruins but forge on, an adventure isn’t a settlement.

Don’t confuse that last sentence with settling down. One can go on an adventure with someone but with things crash keep moving. 

I polish the craft and it’s been good to me yet I left it behind. I built these relationships with people and I can’t maintain. “Tell me why are we, so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?” – Coolio. We are often the reasons for our own demise.

Devastated Ruins

I often feel like that rough character in Ganstas paradise, a person who is too misunderstood to be reached. While the dust is settling in my life during me struggling to hold on to everything that I love I ask myself what is it about love that makes it so devastating.

Easy to walk away when looking at the broken pieces. I see so many go cold after being in love. Is it the prospect of the future that makes them leave so easily. It’s almost funny how predictable it is as one seems like they don’t care at all and one loves so much that their entire world has shattered. How does this happen?



Perspective is the leading cause of most misunderstanding and why so many people look crazy. In love and passion the world is real small. The problem is when one falls out and see the rest of the world. some run back for their lives others get lost in the void of life. It makes life so interesting and difficult. It’s easy to look down on someone for not seeing things the same way. Which is another way two-part ways. Perspective is how we see the world and for that to change between two can be devastating as things seem impossible to change without a clear culprit.

The new path

In the end we grow and learn. We get baggage like a confused passenger walking to the Greyhound bus station from the airport to side-step the layover. Some of us fall into old habits.  Me I go back to isolation.

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