Making a better way as an Artist or entrepreneur. We hear your cry.

I know…

We fight the good fight but we lack the knowledge. It’s like being told to find a color that’s undiscovered. Every new personal discovery we only find that’s old news. There’s nothing new under the sun so every path has been walked and crowded, so forgive us if we don’t believe this 30 second or 5 steps to success.


I’m trying so hard…

I improved so much, only to have people look at me as if this was my first day with my craft.

Truthfully, today we buy brands not quality. The brand is literally saying it is of good quality and we believe it. We are hard-wired to believe non-name brand means it should be cheaper. Well if Wal-mart bought 500,000 units to sell for $5 then the quality would be crappy. But we made this fresh from our hearts…we are trying so hard…

Here is my one step to success. Do what makes you happy…

When it’s all said and done, there is no going back. Make that choice for security of freedom.

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