Hidden Photo Stash

Photographers normally post about three to four shots per look. We usually have more than four good shots per look however. I will show a little more of those shots on my post as well as a showcase of hidden photos.


Unreleased work

Some like this isn’t always safe for Instagram. I have an open mind photographically but not all platforms will support these styles so they often collect dust in my hard drives.


some are just simply unreleased like the photo above.

From Work

I often have shots like the one below that are from events. I normally do not post aggressively for those as I want my clients be the one to showcase their special nights. I do post for marketing reasons. So sometimes My Instagram will have a more consumer artistic mix.


Alternative Edits

What we wills see a lot if alternative edits. From from the popular alternative facts that we seem to love. These are different creative angles and concepts with different edits or shooting styles. I usually have a client, or a submission that wants the photos a certain way but as a creative I always have an idea of how it would work better for me.

This set in particular will be apart of my first exclusive shots for my Patreon viewers