I have to give a shout out to a favorite hip-hop YouTube channel.  If anyone wants to know about me then their music almost embodies my energy level. For me it’s always the night. I stumbled upon this channel following some Freddie Joachim music. They are called “Chillhop”.


I would suggest this DJ mix of smooth hip-hop to set the table for anyone’s romantic nights. Unless someone is into making love all the time this music is generally too slow to pick up a decent pace. This is good music when sex isn’t the goal. The mix of underground and old school hip-hop gives a nice vibe without the distraction of instinctively singing alone.

Put the music on medium-low and have an intelligent conversation. If things go well then maybe there will be less mood post on Instagram of some male with an impossibly large member doing things… Did I say impossibly large? I meant to say regular, most of the memes are of black men. Think that’s sad to post it, imagine the person craving it so much to draw that. Check out that Chill-hop channel, if things get hot switch it to some DMX and go to work son! No really it’s probably like 7 a.m. we got things to do.



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