To quote teens and sports fans everywhere, “Life isn’t fair.” It’s been a while since I was turned down from giving an offer, but damn do women like to deny my none-existing requests. So what does this all mean?


Well it shatters a mans confidence when the person we admires says no. I will be honest, a woman facing a man turning her down seems so much worse than what men go through. Most of us walk around with the notion that guys at least most will say yes. To top that off the man turning a woman down is often on the tail end of the relationship after both are in love. So women get a special mention. We love y’all.

Here is where my confidence is truly gone. When things in life isn’t exactly going well and you get a “turn down” look, (when a woman scolds you just for looking at her). After so many we start to wonder what’s wrong with ourselves. Are out failures online neatly outlined or am I just that ugly?

It’s damaging. Because lets face it, most of these women are also on the bottom. Like a neon liquor sign in the hood next to my wooden one women have danced their beauty around me like some open bar at a late night penthouse party.


Disclaimer: I am matching these women with my same living standards and conditions. Peer to peer interactions

If we don’t catch what’s going on we can get caught thinking that they are the glass ceiling. Which is really depressing since they are on the same level. When peers change a person’s perspective on false power and glamour it changes a person’s desire for what the stars are when they reach. Which is probably why some men seem to only want to chase women. Sometimes a beautiful woman is the glass ceiling when a person’s perception is changed. That doesn’t help anyone in the dating game.

Window shopping break: Wow the world has such beautiful women. And some even talk to me. Oh, want me to have your number? well I maybe we shou— what’s this $ next to your numb— oh… Back to the story!

We eventually get over it like I did but things are not the same. I don’t flirt seriously. Thinking back of all the hoops I was requested to jump through for a maybe was humiliating. Now that I am single it is impossible to send another offer, I am that out of practice on flirting. My confidence is still sunken by other things but if I don’t make a move I’d probably stay single for life.

The Chronic Effect

As time go on being single that feeling of unfairness will settle in. With total strangers saying no before I say Hi and people who knows me say friend zone is there any hope for an old veteran?

If a man is truly the ugly duckling than he will face the horror of being close to beautiful women and knowing they will be turned down before they ask. I’ve seen guys hit with the political, “Why can’t a man be platonic friends with an attractive woman?” I seen such men get crushed from those comments. All that time they were trying to be blemish free and still attempting to slide into her heart. There were no survivors.

Yes the turn down is real. I can’t even give women advice on how to fix this. I was going to say, “give men an honest shot.” Then I forgot I’m pretty far down on everyone’s list. Some homosexual men and various eggplants are higher than me on some list but I forge on my journey for the ugly men. As for men, stay true to the passion you love. That is the best thing that trumps an ugly face if you’re broke.

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