That’s right so far I am 1-7 and I’m going for it on 4th and 22.

This is some what of a football parody but I’d love to know what’s your record this year. Maybe I will get first round overall. However, that’s not looking good so far. As it looks like I may come out swinging in September. So here is my list of what needs to happen to have a losing Month.

Chicago Bears

I need the Chicago bears to lose. As that seems very likely as they have a very tough batch of teams that many think their first win will happen after week 5. Knowing the Bears, once you want them to lose they will mud stomp the best teams and give everyone at ESPN some form of bowl disrupting disease. As they love the Packers.


The first preview of the new shoot this september 


I was going to quit last month. What happened? well I got shoots and people wanting to book me. Basically, our offense gave up so we just ran it up the middle and the defense hit the QB and thought it was a fumble. So here I am running the football while no one else notices and Touchdown! I still lost but that’s like 28 unanswered points.

This month I already shot twice, and I have more booked. The game look like it might be close but things got rocky. I may make a big investment that might transform things but it’s 4-22 if I fail I will lose the game and month.


I just came off leave, which started from my battles with migraines. Those two factors was how I got so down in the month of August. I had money saved up, I was shooting and I was on the brink of a new place. Then a little under half of the month knocked me out of the game employment wise. I was happier and I got a lot of my health back to normal causing me to have this early September surge. I was given a bye week.

This month work will likely make me depressed again and  I will blow a lot of my money on food there. If I manage my money I may make a last season push to move to 5-7.


I started writing and getting new views. Still didn’t see any actual benefits from writing but it’s like a terrible team getting their first, first down mid-season. We need to celebrate.


I’m up now but I’m prone to blowing big leads. My defense sucks and we just gave up a big play. In a week I will be trailing by half a century. If I get desperate I might dig up an extra cash flow to keep it to a respectable loss.

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