Peeping Tom set:

If it wasn’t known before I’m a photographer.  I was going to walk away from this but this new model decided to give me another option. Out brink of stopping completely this set was born as if I was standing outside my former life looking into what I could leave behind.

This has a parallel of the women in our lives we left behind for work, another woman, friends or just plain old stupidity.

One thing is sure, there are many windows in my life and there I am left standing out side trying to fake my enjoyment of the stars…wishing I could come in and enjoy the life that seemed to be made for me. Instead I needed “fresh air.”

All this above I wrote about a month ago, (long post rotation). These words still remain true except it’s harder to walk away from photography. It’s a vicious cycle as a creative. I still strive to have a few subscribers to have my team devote more time into our craft. That being said our team is getting bigger.  A lot of geek fandom on the way a lot more modeling and videos to rise from this blog and sister sites.


Now that my creative direction has new levels next time I shoot with this model we will see about 45% of more content from the start. We are talking about similar to watching a full hour episode on AMC. That also shows how much I normally do not show to not drown everyone in photos. With your support we can crank up the production!


So what am I doing exactly

  • Videos
    • The video will be creatively made to work with the concept of the shoot.
  • Poetry
  • Photo Print
  • Metal Prints
  • Audio quotes/ thoughts
  • behind the scenes
    • A comprehensive walk through of the entire day and after
  • Giveaways

Some may be exclusive to Patreon but even here there will be a rich flow of content.



More of this set on Patreon coming soon!


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