Empowerment contest! Prizes will be given. Any questions make sure to message me. Don’t miss out. This is an example!
Lift your head up and take control of your kingdom. You are a Queen so enjoy your Queendom. Gold is what I’m worth so I’ll enjoy it until it’s time to share when my King come -Gabby

1: post a picture of yourself
2: make a quote/short poem/words of wisdom
3: must include all three words (gold, king, queen)
4: must tag at LEAST 5 others to join the contest!!!
5: must tag myself @gabbychuchi AND @icecold_photos on IG; or Gabby ChuChi AND Isom Jacobs on FB!
There will be 3 Empowerment prizes! One for one Queen, one King, and couple Queen and King. Make it epic! Prizes will be revealed soon!! Share/Repost

To kick off this preview devoted to queens we have a contest for the Queens and Kings. This wasn’t my idea but the lovely muse you see here. I also wanted a dialogue about how we treat our women. This goes further than a battle of the sexes. It’s something that crosses over to many cultures and countries alike; it’s the inequality and social pressures that sometimes devalues people.

Prizes will be given and I hope I will spend hours going through the submissions! At the very least this is something worth catching fire.

21768296_10156680089909502_1565025556335739418_nMy take:

I love this idea. it’s something that has more value than certain trends that flow around the internet of buying things we don’t like and then flushing it. It really makes the United states appear a bit mindless and overpaid, especially when the added ingredient is Trump being the president.

Something positive could bring people together that walks a different life. I predict that people will soon see there is more than one  ways to walk the  path of greatness.



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