I hate cats, well I used to hate them. I was cat sitting and it changed my perspective. Turns out they just might be my long-lost spirit animal.

It was a black cat and how fitting it is that I did a shoot of a black queen, with cat ears with a black on black outfit.  It was another interesting addition that this model and I are similar and complementary like two cats that can go from happy harmony to a quarreling quagmire. The differences we have isn’t terminal but a fight to re-balance.

As for the cat I was watching, she had the same personality as me; a very affectionate animal but very independent. She came by me to receive affection—and did it genuinely then slowly swayed off like a slick sleuth into the corner of the house only to careful lower herself to take a nap.



The concept behind this location was a nice hill that led into darkness giving it the great depth that I wanted. I think this is a major step up from having the famous bokeh (blurred background) in every shot. It’s a nice effect but kills the story in the photo in my opinion.

The outfit gave a black erotica and cat-woman cosplay feeling and I like how it can go either or both ways. In reality if I told said someone in a leather cat outfit was going around stealing stuff people would start to leave their doors unlocked.

Black out

Shooting in low light has its disadvantages especially knowing that my camera doesn’t handle the highest ISO well. However it turns what is traditionally called negative space into positive space. the Black in the photo seems like nothing but the mind says what the hell is behind her. My personality comes off as far from mysterious as possible until you see my work. I love mystery. Light or dark I don’t want to answer all of the questions.

more photos will be shown on pateron, The launch will happen soon comment anywhere on this site to push the launch closer.



I roll with a Nikon D5200 and to my knowledge it’s discontinued. I shoot with a wide-angle 14-20 millimeter f.2 Tokina lens. It has become a standard lens as I gave away my 35 millimeter 1.8. I used a flash on remote trigger that gave me a nice fall out of light in the background. No tripod was used.


The outfit used was found on Amazon as well as every camera gear that I purchased. Fashion online can be a risky practice but I have about a 90 percent success rate on the sizes. The tip is to read through everything, they will mention if there is a need to go up or down a size. I bought my new favorite cardigan from Amazon and with a quick adjustment, and I had a form-fitting cardigan that doubles as a turtleneck.

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