I was lucky enough to be hired to shoot a lingerie/ pajama party. Not because of the obvious but it is always something as a man I can come to appreciate the trust that others have in me. They could have hired a woman but it think it was profound that I still received the call.

This is the first installation of my overall feelings on this and it will be followed up with a video breakdown. DSC_0012

It was fun just being there. I don’t get out often and parties in general makes me nervous as hell and they were doing more of calming me down. Not good with the social anymore, but baby steps…baby steps. About 100 percent of what made me nervous is the fact I can’t dance and even if I tried my knees will buckle like a seat belt. When it comes to shooting I am as confident as the meanest gunslinger in the Mid-West. DSC_0045.jpg

FYI: drinking just makes my dizzy with my nervousness.

Overall it was pretty cool. It felt like how parties should be; just people trying to have fun. The reason I posted this was to really address a problem I see on the internet.

The problem

Lingerie and pajama parties seem to trend a lot on social media. However, usually shaming the women which is basically the reason the opposite effect of what I was told when I was hired for my first one. When ever I see a post online its people sitting back in their chairs and seeing who can come up with a better description of how ratchet the women are.

Get out in the world and live, then we will have less time to talk about other people’s lives.


Running away from the problem won’t help. I was happy to see people changing the narrative. Even on a small scale every battle counts because when we add these life stories up as a society we build a culture and it’s important we get it right this time.


Remember her? Yes this she was at the first lingerie party. DSC_0056


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