Hope everyone is having a good day and I hope this post won’t ruin it, but I am back from my small vacation and it was all work and no play.

So many have their theories on why women cheat. Here is mine and how it is different from what I normally hear.

Truth in the Middle

For the most part I hear the woman is a whore will little control. While I don’t seriously use the word whore I will say there are some cases where some women have a tend to drift to other men’s bedroom. I will give it some credibility. I have too  many women in my memory who has cheated and didn’t really show remorse. It’s not just women, for some reason I have encountered a lot – and I mean a lot of people who are cheating or actively shopping. That, I am still coming to terms with as I might want to date again and this new discovery I made after emerging from my rock compounds my previous theory on why women cheated.

I always say as the common woman who cheated as also the woman who complained for a very long time.

I don’t just say this from me brainstorming on what they think. I talk to the ones who cheated. However, keep informing me as in science theories might change as more data is provided.

It’s common knowledge that most women don’t have the best sex life when it comes to reaching a climax but I think tagging it as purely sexual doesn’t give it the full picture. I think when problems arise and two people are not willing to solve them the two drift apart. Now the two are just co-existing. It’s worse when only one sees it as a problem then we have the situation of the fellow who is cheated on and is completely clueless. Note: This can also happen if someone is passive-aggressive and the problem isn’t fully resolved. Which could be why many felt blindsided even after the lover explained why. 



Problems from love creep into the bedroom

I do think better sex has a lot do to with it but as we know sex is also mental. If the partner isn’t treating her well, well she isn’t aroused as she could be. If it wasn’t already hard enough, am I right? Whoa, double possibly triple meaning? Be right back, let me back flip…OK back from the hospital, where was I? Right, treating each other right affects so many things in the relationship. Both are likely tired of running the marathon of love or maybe he is getting complacent and grew deaf to the cry of discontent but there is always one constant. There is another man with fresh legs and ears and she is new to him. He treats her like she is new. New car, new toys, new shoes just can’t wait to wear them.

A Foreign Spark

That new passion, is refreshing. The man in her life may have stoked it 1,000 times but the new guy craves that first like it was his last. A man craving a woman when she craves to be wanted is why I think a lot of women cave.

It’s not what your man can’t do, it’s what he won’t do.

Of course by the end of the day the new guy ends up doing what he everything minus the bulk of the responsibilities which is why it’s easy to turn into a full affair. A prolonged forbidden love in the honeymoon stage with a common enemy.

That is my theory in a nutshell. They say a closed mouth don’t get fed, well if she crying out and he don’t feed her someone will.

I have been in the same seat as the man being complacent. Not that I ever mistreat women but it takes a lot for me to come out from under my rock. Bad excuse I know, but I have a problem with my love of solitude.

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