One of the first people to push me back

My nickname is ice


As I journey on my farewell tour I found a new model who didn’t want me to give it up. This shoot says a lot about where I am as a photographer and an artist. The world is so cold but I dressed my heart as if I was strolling on the beach in Miami in July. That lamp is that last flicker of hope.

Not being able to financially support my passion this is how I feel, stranded trying to plant seeds in the dead of winter. Eventually I’ve become addicted to the dark side. The lower field of vision in the night makes the world feel equally cozy and cold. The sunlight reminds me of all what I pushed far away. 


This will be one of the first projects featured on my patreon as we will see more shoots and concepts of her while I fight my demons. Each shoot is a journey. This is a layered shoot. The concept is how cold I feel about this world being exposed and this is layered on top of how she would feel in the same situation.

Hope to see everyone there on patreon she is also eager to know who supported her.

This is the face of the model who stood in the doorway of me leaving photography


Making money in photography is difficult as well as making money in art. I love to take artistic photos. It has its problems. It is rather hard on  a person’s confidence even if the creative process is easy.

More on this model and how I appreciate black women as a whole.

This is a wonderful person is someone we will learn a lot more about very soon. I must show my respects for black women and her as well. As she kept a black man from falling. Black women go through so much that us men put them through and to see them fighting for a black man is very heartwarming. In a world where everyone mimics the black woman I think we truly fail to appreciate what good ones do daily. This is unpopular and controversial but there will always be a disconnect that I have with anyone who try to walk in their shoes and complain about the trouble that comes with it.

I plan on shooting with this person more often and sharing a much deeper detail of the process.




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