It’s not work

I work a full-time job and aside what public relations message they sent be when I was applying this isn’t a fulfilling job. I can’t think of any job that does that. I needed something to say I am further along than I was a year ago. Working a dead-end job right at my means can only say I saved up just enough to survive an emergency. Which I had that emergency, so that says where I currently stand.

Don’t let work stop you from doing anything fun and productive. That job will fire and replace you at the drop of a hat; don’t let that be your life. If someone say let’s do something interesting don’t make excuses on how tired you are just try it.


This is something you can get better at overtime. We all want that, “they said I couldn’t do it” testimony; and if graduating and getting a job in your field was the most people said you couldn’t do then maybe they underestimate what you can do with this ONE life you have.

This was my “flagship” photo my best shot years ago…I know stunning and bland

I had the luxury of no one caring about my photography at all. Ignorance is the same as saying I couldn’t We can get discouraged, like I did or realize how ignorant the world is about your greatness, which I eventually graduated to that mindset.

When ever I feel down I can always say I did something cool. If I feel ugly I know…oh no I’m ugly! Mastery allows us to teach others and to become the leader that many admire and give us confidence we didn’t have to specifically work towards.

Now this is one of my most recent top photos to date. Before my top model was a spider, imagine that.

Meet new people

When I was developing people considered this a good photo…now I know better but this is why I kept working

Unless you are a master at meeting random people in public then after school the number of people that we interact with may shrink. Sure I can walk past 1,000 people downtown but most looked right through me. That girl at the bar may look nice but…wait – of all the times I went to bars I never see any “that girl”  at the end of the bar. I mostly seen “that guy” who is clearly not doing well with life after watching him drink himself into a stupor, alone. Like why is he here?

Meet new people by doing something productive! You can build something special (not always romantically) when people come together for something bigger. Life may still in fact suck but at least this time when you fall into that crippling depression you have new friends who isn’t already sick of your shit to help you back on your feet. Did I read too far into your life? Weird right?

A time stamp of how far you’ve come

This was my most impressive creative shot I took when I was a super terrible photographer but to shock people was what I lived for.

I mentioned this before but it still needs to be mentioned here. When you are old and you have tiny ones looking at you for stories you might be able to say more than the amount of selfies you taken in your adulthood.


Legacy is huge. we are going to die, I hate it you hate it we all hate it. I want to be here forever but knowing I will die makes me urgent to do something with this life. Since I kinda don’t want kids it makes me want to leave a legacy for…shit, no kids. Don’t be like me have kids, create a legacy.

My color mastery Took a few steps up over the years

It creates meaning

Life is meaningless as hell if you work for a living. OK that’s not true, we have families, friends, feel pain and cry out of happiness. What I mean is there comes a time where you lose it then in your depression you grab that block of wood and start carving and next thing you know there is something beautiful in your hands soaked with tears and a little blood. You place it on your nightstand and go to sleep, sobbing a little bit still but you make it through the night. Years later little Daryl says that wooden sculpture is the coolest thing and how artistic the red paint adds to its coolness. That is when you cry and go to bed because it called it a duck when it was a swan. But don’t miss the point, he thinks it’s cool…hey get up!

There you have it five reasons to keep at your craft even if it’s horrible.


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