when starting out in photography there are some important technical issues that we must visit.

Everyone say never shoot in Jpeg because the lack of the dynamic range. That range give you flexibility when dealing with highlight and shadows. There is a lot more information inside the highlights and the shadows when it’s taken in RAW. Don’t bother the settings of vivid, neutral etc settings on your camera as that only affects Jpeg photos and what you see in your display screen.


This is a shot I took some years ago in RAW unedited. Shadows are darker than  I would like them and it has some grain. You may see photographers and models posting unedited versions online as a way to preview products without actually giving it away. Why? because this isn’t a bad shot but it can be better; unedited photos are the middle man/woman…middle person…it’s 2017.



This edit is more my personal style with it being grungy and yet still allowing the woman to be feminine. Because I shot it RAW it wasn’t a problem increasing the light in the shadows without damaging the photo. You can tell that it’s damaged when you see a lot of grain or noise.

The photo in the unedited version was warm, however, I love cool photos. It was a hot and sunny day but this edit would have you believe that it’s an overcast day in the fall.


When to shoot in Jpeg

There are some exceptions to shooting in Jpeg. I would suggest investing in a SD card with a lot of memory for this one. If you do not have an editing software that can handle RAW then I would suggest putting the settings on RAW+ Jpeg. That way you can save your raw and use your jpeg for light editing or if you want to just send it right to the internet. I say use the combination because we want to save all our photos. I have photos back when I started and I am sad to say a lot of those were in Jpeg  and I can’t do much with them but post as an example. Having old RAW files come in handy when you advance yourself as an editor.

One last tip! Protect your work!


Invest in a few and I do mean a few external storage. Computers will crash and will hurt you. It may not be urgent right in the beginning but you want to get one before the first six months. Computers especially laptops have a short lifespan and files will fail, having a back-up is an insurance plan. With that being said, external storage fail as well so eventually you may need two to in the event that one fails, technology am I right? You will be surprised how much space photos will take up so this is a great option to keep your computer with free space.

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