The famous are stars because they can’t be reached. They appear to be the standard on beauty, until social media took over.

Now these dreams girls are women who show up on our timelines and not only do we not know their names all the time but we usually don’t know the region. If we are lucky to find them online, we cross our fingers for an add and pray they reply. What happens when our dream lives next door.


Life is hard but I see the eye-pleasing stress ease through the net

So I live vicariously through those I respect

My life’s a wrecked but distracted by this sticky net

filled with impossible curves, it’s almost abstract

Nameless beauty, but so quickly forgotten that it’s suspect

yet still captivated by faces I will soon forget

I scroll faster knowing I’ll never date or hit

these dreams are forgotten before we wake

Hoping we had them in the sheets

yet unknowingly we passed them on the streets


Social media can sometimes create a disconnect between the sexes. Many resent what or who they can’t have and when these people are nameless villains sometimes they pick one.



I finally got out the house iris wide, eyes quickly shut

my eyes finally adjust and I almost ran into you, shit

I mean excuse me miss, “Yes?” as she looks from her phone

I really just meant sorry but can’t, talk, social skills… half-gone

Maybe I’m half-crazy because she looks familiar

“you’re that photographer”

I am? Now I wake up in my bed

That was intense. I was so dead.

If I wasn’t black my face would be red.

wait…she is laying next to me…

What if we could reach these everyday stars. It’s easy to forget these are not only people but everyday people. Life of a single person may keep us working harder than couples or some families but we have to leave this computer and get out there. Get dressed up and see if anyone is into you.


Nothing is as it seems. There is so much going on in the world and we can only pay attention to so much. Life is often what we think it is, so if I see stars that I want then I have a spaceship. Often we will find beauty is near and dear and often covered by the soil of the everyday stress and toil.

Part 2 coming soon.


Haha. This isn’t a true story, don’t go around thinking my occupation is a pick-up line.

Keep an eye out for alternative edits and story lines. If you like what you see show support so I can bring her in again and the shoots will become very specific with the story.





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