Do you count your months as wins or loses? are your striving to win each month?

This is how I plan on winning my life back

The 2017 Season is almost over and well The win lost record is 4-5-1 originally thought of as 1-7 two months later I see how windows were open very rarely.  Some of the losses were seen as a lost investment but as things matured those loses were edged out to wins. Funny how life goes. September was a tie, I lost a lot but laid a lot of ground work. Only time will tell how things will turn out.


October was a huge win, I gained a lot of what I lost and then some. This will set me up for an interesting last two games.

Here it is November and I am out shooting and getting more clients, not to jinx it but I may go 5-5-1 on the year.

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