Now that was my kind of beauty. Well more so the personalities that they represent. A good example is Caribbean Queen By Billy Ocean. In today’s standards that woman is normal. We for video vixen standards at least. She is a thin kinky haired black woman. She is average at best. Yet Ocean looked at her like that was his world. So why is this woman my kind of woman?


You may have noticed me featuring this model a lot lately. This was one of my first models that helped shaped my brand today. She is isn’t exactly the 80s version of beauty as in they just found a thin woman in loose denim. However she is the type that is overlooked until you pay attention to what you missed out on. I see very curvy women going viral everyday. I see curvy women being chased after by over zealous men and women. But women like this will really break your heart.

Billy Ocean was into her, not her type

I know completely contradicting what I just said. My type is finding a woman who is her own woman. She may not go viral for her beauty but she is that woman who has a few men going crazy. Those are traits that can only be seen by the ones who took the time to get to know the woman.


I usually state my opinion but this time I need yours. I have multiple ideas to do covers of 1980s R&B music videos, and I want to know would it be received well by everyone reading. I want to start some emotions but I really want to know what others think.


Who likes vampires? these kind of shoots are in the works! with some collaboration from very talented artist!

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