The Bears are once again a much  better team than the record shows. If we did if we didn’t I know I hate saying if. But formally speaking aside form my podcast rant Here is why we were robbed.

The Refs

That pass interference call was a horrible call that pushed them down the field. The Challenge was both the Refs and the lack of the Coaches patients to make sure they got the challenge right.

The Coaches

The challenge. The offensive play call was for the most part predictable. Saying we don’t have capable wide receivers seems like a cop-out. If you run the ball over 40 times a game and pass only on passing downs it wouldn’t be too hard to guard the pass 7-10 times. What kind of plays are we expecting to get with so few passes? Aaron Rodgers didn’t shred a defense with his first 10 passes and just decided to stay running so why does everyone expect us to have good results with limited passes?

The youth

They are undisciplined, simple as that. And firing Jon Fox might make it worse. They are making strides to being better on their assignments but as we saw with the Run for  a touchdown miss it one time and it could cost the Bears.

There you have it. We are a young with a lot stacked against them. Meaning coaching errors and bad calls will be magnified. The mental errors is what has kept teams in games or cause them to get ahead. Each side of the ball would need a veteran leader to get a much needed first down when errors are made or make a big defensive stop.  That is how the Bears will overcome the odds that seem to always oppose them.

Bear Down.

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