Disclaimer: having a frank discussion and I know this is a sensitive subject for many people. In times past of having such discussions like these if I didn’t just say it’s wrong someone usually comes at me with some form of anger. Just so everyone knows not much in my eyes is black and white.

In light of the recent sexual harassment news I thought I start a difficult discussion. For many of us we probably won’t be harassed by someone rich and famous and if we are harassed most don’t say anything.


It’s considered so damn normal. I watched the video interview on Chicago Tribune and the only constant theme is being uncomfortable. I work at a job that shall remain nameless that describes sexual harassment as something similar but – the mention that the person who felt uncomfortable needs to say something and if that person does not back off then we have a formal case. Why?

Many of use might know where I am going with this. The end result is uncomfortable but the path to get varies from person to person. This is why I also believe and see how common harassment is in the common workplace. After all, most of our work peers are making the same so there isn’t the kind of leverage of money and fame. Dose not make it right but it speaks to my point as people see some of their employees as potential soul mates or casual flings. The same leauge is what I am saying, no I make a million and she makes about $ 20,000 and that money alone adds the pressure. I mean if a woman making millions came to me, I kinda assume she only wants the D and maybe that is harassment if I feel uncomfortable. But if I am totally down is that harassment?

 That is the question I leave everyone here. If an advance is made one someone male or female and they want it is that sexual harassment vs if the attention is unwanted?

I think it becomes harassment after one is said that this isn’t what the person wants.

Umm… let’s take out the obvious

What that mouth do

comments, and put it in the category ” you know when you see it”

What do you think should be done for sexual harassment in the work place?

What about out in public?

Mind you there is different degrees on that, which is what I am looking forward for people to address that.

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