Looking at the universe as a whole, nothing seems to matter so the concept of anything being special seems to be a paradox. However, looking at life in the scope of relativity moments in life seem to have massive value.

Taking a step forward

The amazingly wonderful and sad fact about life is there isn’t another you when you are gone. There is possibly another version but your awareness as we know it will leave this plane of existence. By the time we realize how special life is most of us has already used up more than 20 years of our lives. For me, it made me depressed staring at death as the end all. I always wanted to leave something for the world to cherish when I’m gone. I didn’t seem fair that I am going to be here for at the most a century. The truth started to hit me when ever I glanced away from death.


Everything around me has immense value. Everything may not be special to me but from my perspective I see the ugly side to it, or maybe I cherish other things. I started to see the world as if we all see light differently. Some things and people shines like gold and we go to war to obtain it, while others just don’t see it.

The value that people added to my life means nothing to strangers I walk past in the city, but it means to world to me. This is where – I think the disconnect happens when black people call women queens. Can every black woman be a queen or am I going to be thrown in jail for “simping.” If all is all is relative then we would have to dispute that said woman isn’t and never will be special to anyone.

The black queen discussion has become a hot button recently. Often filled with assumptions of women who are very sexually active, can’t cook, don’t clean and are gold diggers. With a bang of a gavel,  these are not queens, followed with a do better ladies. These are very popular even among other women. To ask why would be for another discussion.

The question that hits me is who decides that woman is a queen?

Three things to take note of:

  1. Who the hell cares what strangers say? Including me. I can only debate on what’s going on in the world but me telling the reader of their royalty is like a shot in the dark. I can say if you fit this shoe, but to know a person’s story goes further than equate one’s value to a few actions. If I kill someone I am a horrible monster that should die, unless I serve the U.S. Military then I’m a hero. Relative.
  2. The woman in question: That woman generally knows herself the best and how she feels about herself. We have a president every year yet in all of my life I’ve never seen a person bow to him and give tribute like we do for ourselves. The things we do to make ourselves happy shows how much the center of our universe we are. If you are not the royalty in your own life then, well… I’m speechless.
  3. The king and subjects. Simply said, if a woman is elevated as queen in someone else’s world who am I to dispute. The people who are trying to devalue another person in someone else’s world is considered a hostile takeover of that position.
    1. Usually that person will take that spot as people will listen to them for an executive order for who they should appoint as queen.

Imagine that, going from nothing matters to being seen as a king or queen to people. No most won’t rule a country but they are a leader just like many people around us; the number they lead are just different. For the people who follow or chose to walk with them in leadership it is still very important to them.


I have a mind of a utilitarian, I like people in my life who does the most good. I only have this one little life. These people are very important in my universe. it’s been a while since I used the word special but I hope we all get the point.

Sadly a lot of us go through life with no one who they can call their own and no friends or family. As a loner myself, you’re not completely alone in spirit. I often think of other solo travelers through this universe and wonder if we are all looking at the sky for support. Keep pushing, the life maybe in the shadows, so its difficult to know who is really cheering for you. I often write for other loners. Hoping we can connect. Peace to us all, unless you don’t want peace. Then let’s go to war, I’m down.

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