The Instagram ads are not as off-putting as the ones made by billionaire company with the exception of app games.

Our minds automatically turn off when we see commercials. Of course these companies think their product is great they will benefit if you buy. So we sit through and ignore commercials brag about themselves, a trait which is considered socially flawed. It goes off and we forget what commercials we seen when our show is over. Instagram is slightly different.


We are already in the ignore phase when it comes to the messages we see from Instagram. Everyone is bragging. We scroll down for the most appealing photo. That is where ads on Instagram wins. An appealing photo is an appealing photo, and it’s placed in the news feed almost identical to a regular one.

Instagram undermining bigger brands?

or are they undermining themselves

How is this undermining Instagram influences? Well, many accounts with many followers can just say look at my many followers and here is my price. And many are not the marketing mastermind that you are. Many do really hard sells or none at all. That either turns people off or have people not even notice it at all. Now they will need hard numbers as Instagram shows how much bang for your buck you are getting.


If I wanted to drop $100 I could have about 38,000 people see my ad that is rather impressive to tell me for sure that is how many will see it. Rumors of people buying profiles, and people with a high follow rate but relatively low engagement is where they miss out on big business.

Engagement counts

If you ask me Aim for the highest engagement of trusted brands with your kind of photos or content before you go for numbers of followers above all. If you are a brand on Instagram and you are reading this It’s time to be more professional or as professional as you can be to your brand style. Not only will people look at your account in a better light to do business but your followers will look to you for leadership and not to laugh at you, yes laughing AT you.

Next go the Instagram route, it was rather successful for me.

I say stay away from mega sites with less than a 1 percent engagement. Ghost followers are real and so are fake accounts with “see my real photos” with a link in the bio.

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