I’ve played blade and soul almost as soon as it came out and this is a very fun game to play. I will drop some twitch or YouTube game play as this is how I unwind from photography and writing.

I almost gave this game up as my  laptop couldn’t perform. It crashed on the loading screen. I wouldn’t suggest to to play this game without a gaming computer.

For an MMO this game really takes the cake on quality free-to-play mmo. There is one thing that is seriously lacking however.

Link to arena pvp

The match is actually me playing click the photo the view.



It’s insane how this game takes so much pride in its pvp system yet there isn’t an open world clan vs clan like most that I’ve played. Now let’s not mix up faction vs faction where in the beginning of the game you pick a faction and occasionally you go to war over soul stones or something. It doesn’t give a vibe of siblings at arms. It is more like tigers and lions randomly visiting water holes and randomly fighting.

No one in my same faction even talked to me. However, if a clan moved in there would be more tactical ideas floating around vs other players, which I really hoped for in a game where you can dodge and resist attacks.

I seen videos on faction pvp and it’s just a mob of players vs another mob. I want to know the clan and the name of the people I’m killing, (hopefully that doesn’t make me sound too much like the punisher).

The pvp arena is very popular and I can see that pushing the game to be more competitive in open world.

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