This is going to be quick and sweet.

I know we don’t have much time in our busy days so I will get right to it. If you are like me who watches what I want online for the entire year then you will also know. Amazon deals are usually BS.

Mind you I am a big supporter of that company; but the deals are either standard to what everyone pays across the site or more expensive.

This was my “flagship” photo my best shot years ago…I know stunning and bland

Being a photographer I watch gear all year around for many years. Watching prices drop or to see how stable it may be. One thing that I always noticed on amazon is that every popular item on the site has a price that was “cut” to a lower price. That cut price is really a cut price on the market online not an Amazon deal.

I was disappointed. It seemed like they was using an anchoring tactic  that companies use to make something that is 100s of dollars feel not as expensive.

Anchoring is the art of telling you something is more expensive and giving you a lower price making you more likely to buy than if you saw the price listed without the “cut price.”

I am eyeing a Nikon 7200 and it was about $ 1,000 now at $800 before Cyber Monday. Ebay currently has that same camera for around $500-600— again before Cyber Monday. Granted Ebay camera is likely used but There are some in great condition.

Before You buy

Compare with Ebay and many other sites before Monday

Check peer-to-peer selling! You may catch a deep discount on any day for any lightly used or open box products; Especially with electronics. That 7200 was the same price for a while so if the prices does not change again this year well I will let you know about it.

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