It’s been a while but I am back from vacation and I’ll start this with a valuable tip on photography.

Color Correction

I will start off with the basics that many may forget when working with something like Lightroom or PhotoShop. When working on the camera calibration I usually see it on Adobe standard. I will change the color profile to “camera standard” or “camera portrait.” This will help give you a more universal color profile across platforms. I noticed the colors are much different after I export them and see them on  the internet.

Computer Monitor

This is the next step to keeping consistent colors. This will cost you a little more money. Before I did this I would edit and check the photo on my phone. Why? Because the wrong computer monitor will cause a major difference in what you see in the final product especially on mobile devices.

Finding a computer screen with the right color is huge if you start to get clients that are willing to pay you for photos. No one wants to be seen as orange when their skin tone is fair.

What kind?

This is something you might want to break a little bank to get exactly what you need. This is an investment into your craft and business so the proper color is key.  although it is popular to have a laptop I suggest that you buy yourself a desktop computer. It’s more durable and more professional. The specs on my desktop would cost me a lot more to get the same in a laptop.

Stay away from laptops

As for the computer screen? It’s important to get an “IPS” monitor as they have more accurate colors. I have an LG with 99% color accuracy ultra-wide 26″ computer monitor. I bought it used on Amazon allowing me to get a decent price cut.

What I noticed

Whoa the color is very different. I still needed to calibrate the screen to get an accurate color profile across platforms and devices.

The Blacks

No nothing political here. I shoot low-light images often. It’s my style. My biggest problem is something that is either not black enough or way too black. Why because on my computer monitor things looked darker than it really was. That comes down to computer brightness and gamma. A few tweaks and that problem was fixed.

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