Post hot from Black photo culture

The hottest theme in the conscious or woke black community has been what to do to fight white supremacy. That’s all fine and dandy but here is where we have problems.

Are we discussing for likes, ego and to be right or to see results. What’s the endgame?

Difference in opinion

While people may have be right or have their valid points however infighting is really throwing me off. I’m not sure if it’s an ego or the passion but I am currently watching videos of people sending rather poisonous massages.
To be honest I didn’t hear it until it appeared on my timeline of Dr. Umar Johnson beefing with Nasheed but seemed like my timeline was flooded with a previous beef “General.” I mean if this was in person this might come to blows but all in all what the hell is going on?


I know for certain people of our kind is out there doing hard work and including many people beefing but what I still wondering is what we can do for our people as a whole.

What I see

It seems that everyone is teaching and preaching. Some advice I seen was to take the hood back and build businesses in the hood. It’s interesting concept but we are either preaching to the choir or businesses that don’t have the funds to put a storefront in the hood.
That is just one example. Teaching other teachers and viewers on social media. It will get likes, a lot of likes, shares and comments. However, let’s just state a few facts. I own a business and as a child I use to live in the hood until my family worked our ways to other places. I see the video to bring your company to the hood. I don’t like the video. It’s way to simplified to be implemented. Any company for the company well-being must find the right market. Yes there are Asian beauty supply stores but we can’t act like we don’t see all the abandoned buildings from companies that left (reasons may vary). Some companies thrive in the hood, some do not.
What I am saying is let’s get less political on social media videos and more tactical. In a room of other philosophers you may get people agreeing but if it doesn’t help a company bottom line than it won’t happen.

My Endgame

We can protest and debate until the cows come home but we know that’s the beginning. Charity looks more like a drop in the bucket and a tax dodge than major change.
The ultimate endgame is to change government so much that we solve our problem for good or create a new one.
Seems like a big goal that’s far off but I see more people fighting over what to eat than the end game.

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