If you were expecting a mushy speech on how things will get better or how things always seem to work out for the better this is not the place. After all if that is true then that doesn’t need to be stated.


The Secret

The hidden secret to losing is moving to the next match as soon as possible. You may here that method echoed in sports team in particular after a big loss. In life such it’s important to spend as little time dwelling on a loss.


Accept that you lost. Right now for example I know I lost a lot right before going into the new year. I have to accept those losses before it causes me to not be productive and literally miss out on the next chance for a win.

Things don’t always go as planned; for me it rarely does. But I’m fighting for those rare moments in life where things do go well. That means showing up to every game with a mindset that I’m going to win even though I will get blown out of the water.

IMG_20140727_221914All you can do is swing as hard as you can.  Fly as high as you can.

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