In Dave Chappelle special on Netflix Equanimity & The Bird Revelation he made a rather controversial statement about the transgender community.

Objective Breakdown

leave your propaganda at the door

Heads up, I’m playing devils advocate here.

Let me start off by saying this is an objective (or as objective as possible) view on what he said and I also know that he showed that he had no problem with the transgender community. However, what he had to say is cutting through social problems with a well sharpened sword in the world full of mallets.

Privilege hiding behind legitimate causes?

He said roughly that the narrative of the transgender message reeked of white privilege.

Why? Well it started off by suggesting not to talk about that around black folks about this. Because no one cares about how we or other minorities feel.

  • It’s a general stance and it’s not to be countered with “I know of one person” replies. It’s the same stance as saying black people generally get a harsher sentence in court. That is true, but to say R Kelly is still free doesn’t discredit the difficulties black people have in the court system.

He states that white males wants to do it and that’s why it has so much traction. He explained if women or minorities wanted to do it they would be dismissed. Thus saying it reeked of white privilege.

Mind you black people were called thugs and dismissed in light of multiple murder from officers of the law. Also women are doing the slut walk and is being called versions of sluts.

My Take Away

This reminded me of the feminist movement in the 60s. Asking black women for signatures but didn’t really value their rights. The path was the same and they needed the numbers. Granted this time everyone gets the same rights.  Seems like Chappelle is saying white males are asking for signatures from minorities that match their struggle but they are really interested in their own interest.

If your movement gets traction it gets traction and I normally wouldn’t care where the push came from. Although, if you see white privilege as the enemy things change. This is the best way I can state this. If the same people who were telling me to shut up about being killed by cops is now being killed by cops and asked me to join their march, I would have my reservations as why I wouldn’t. Morally I should. As a human I’m cautious.

That is what it sounded like with his message. It speaks further against the new age  ideal “either you are 100 percent with us or 100 percent against us.” That clearly isn’t the case as in my last post we saw how I wrote about infighting among activist of the same cause.

I can see his confusion when someone writes him on his stance on transgender. He has made jokes about everything and everyone. A white person saying they was in D.C seeing a 3-year-old black child selling crack at 3 a.m. would likely be boycotted. But I get it this activist group has drawn a line in the sand. They could in fact come after me for this post. But when it comes to comedians, if you are in the news expect it and don’t take it personal.

  1. This is an opinion/ review and I am not taking a stance on either side on this site. This post was made to open up a discussion as I have seen any critical statements about any activist movement today has been attacked and not discussed. 

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