This is a form of philosophy that many of us practice along with Empiricism. However there is a major flaw to these already flawed ways of thinking.

Studies show

There was a time when a scientist and writer would put their name at the end of their research. Now however, I see too often at the beginning of many bold claims says that “studies show,” then the statement follows with likely, maybe or probably. Turns out that is all we need to make a definitive choice.


What It Says to Me

The research is inconclusive. It seems scientist are unwilling to take a stand on anything. That is very important as many sites will not disclose the company who did the study. The times I do see a researcher being named it is sometimes followed with an immature study. Practically posting results before it is conclusive.

The real problem is when it becomes a trend. Now we have “studies” showing the benefits than “studies” showing the harmful effects. Does scientist release a product knowing it is harmful? Questions that need to be looked into before we buy. I’m looking at you “activated” Charcoal.

 Rationalism and Science

These people who practice rationalism believe they can obtain knowledge on reason alone. A person cannot reason with science. Reason would have everyone think that eating fries will be digested in your stomach but in reality, it’s digested in the mouth. Studies don’t just show but it’s conclusive. here’s an early less on what that mouth do; it breaks down carbs.


My favorite subject because it’s our favorite barrier. We know we don’t know it all but we like to think we do but are unaware of the knowledge we have. As if we are a detective learning on the spot.


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