Are we too into sex?

Right or wrong it’s all relative to the culture and the U.S is full of micro cultures

Do half-naked women lack self-respect?

For starters I can only give my opinion. Well I could research and show sources on how we were always having sex to make the elderly look at the young confused; but lets stick with opinion.

There’s always the tale of the woman who have sex with men to feel good about herself. She cannot pick the right man and always seems to get hurt. She post half-naked photos for attention and wonder whys men don’t take her seriously.

Then we step into reality. Where most of us have experienced multiple heart breaks, been used and abused. This culture is believed to have a serious problem with self-esteem. That isn’t concentrated in women who lack clothing. So what is it then?

Conditioning, echoing and false authority

Changing the Narrative

This is the narrative that was in place for a very long time. Having self-respect about a woman’s body is hiding it unless you want to be shamed. In my eyes this is a situation of some men foreshadowing ownership. They don’t want their future wife to show his goodies because he likes what he saws but he want his ego stroked to know it’s all his. Another situation of low self-esteem. As the idea of a woman walking out in something sexy is somehow advertising that she is on the market. I can assure anyone out there if she wants to cheat she will cheat in your favorite hoodie, fam.

Many women echo that notion beautifully. Half-naked women get a lot of attention and maybe some feel that women as a whole isn’t taken seriously because of it. In other words ruining it for everyone else. Men already know what we want clothing be damn.


DSC_0050-2This word is made out to sound bad. Even defined to degrade someone to a mere object. That is a dumb definition. It sounds like an aim to dehumanize the person being objectified.

Mistreated prisoners, slaves, and victims of police brutality had their humanity taken.

Sexual objectification is literally seeing someone and wanting to that person for sex. That is at least more logical than seeing an attractive person for the first time and asking that person on a date. Thinking that beautiful person might be ideal to date from looks alone. ultimately we disregard the person’s feelings, mainly because we don’t know how they feel. People shoot their shot, and if the person don’t feel the same then the person should move on. Of course if said person doesn’t stop that’s harassment.

If people really want not be objectified make friends and date them in a later time. If I had a dime every time I heard I met a nice guy. As if he came off as mean and you were still interested. We are all objectified by an interested party who doesn’t know us their approach is just different. The cat calling vs the gentleman who was so stunned by your beauty (ass) that he just had to talk to you. Now you are at this coffee shop talking about the stars when he about to shoot white asteroids on your planet.

So don’t feel one way or another by what kind of men approached. dating, It’s all illogical.


Are we as adults not having sex? As a 30 something single person are we still waiting for marriage or can we have sex? There is a “special” number that deems a woman a whore but men a man whore number seems to be literally monopolizing an entire area of women.

It’s bad so its good!

DSC_0304-2Controversy sells which is probably why sex sells. Most of us want sex from time to time but shocker not all of us can get that. It’s taboo to opening ask around like it’s spare change. Men are often seen differently when they are having difficulty finding a sexual partner; so much of the conversation is pushed into the shadows.

The youth.

Setting a good example is the main rule. Huh? Let’s be real.

We place our kids in front of a Television or the internet and walk off and get shocked with something happens. We want automated baby sitters like TV when we don’t want to be bothered. Take precautions or adult up and take your kid on an adventure.


We will need to address that in another post that is connected.

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