For the single Valentines day is just another day where we might avoid social media and eat ice cream. Wait a min, hold that thought…I’m going to get some ice cream.

Still Special


Hey this is a day of love. I can’t love myself and cry tears of…joy? I want to go out to a restaurant and give an evil-stare to all the couples then cry as I shake my head. Then have my date walk in to complete the joke. Doubt I would have a date and I live in Chicago. So The question is always asked what do people do for this special day especially in the coldest of places?



The most typical answer is dress up in lingerie and well their answers always got vague after that then they also say ice cream. For the men out there maybe we will grab a suit and go out on town and pick up lonely women who are so lonely they go out. Easy pickings right?

What I wasn’t going to answer that question. I…I don’t know how easy it is to pick women up on Valentines day I’m asking you. Anyway I am planning some shoots but if there are DSC_0065no shoots I will conduct a little survey to see what people are up to on Valentines day. Please tell me what are you doing!





Watch out for this new Valentine’s day Set coming soon along with others in a big featured post



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