This year Valentines day will be in the middle of a classical work week. Photos can be a perfect way to do some early foreplay for the love of your life to look forward on the weekend. For the single people out there this can be a great opportunity to have fun to distract from being single or to show the world they missed out.

This is also a set from one of the latest shoot

1. Prep Photos


Setting up something special for the loved one? Do a shoot of the set up to lead into other shots. A homemade Valentines day of the year cookbook and presentation is a great start to a scrap-book. After-all imagine a scrap book of the special days that you can update every year. Imagine that to show the person you love that you are in for the long haul.

2. Lingerie party



It’s a nice indoor event for the winter months where single or not attendees can enjoy the weekend before or after Valentines day. These invite only events usually have a lower turnout rate than normal parties. And from my experience these particular parties have a more predictable low turnout rate and or people who is rather reserved in coming out of their shell. A photo shoot would give people something to do even in a smaller crowd. People will still have something to look forward to even if things didn’t go as planned. It’s a nice practical way to incorporate  that nice outfit as a single person and taking it a step further than looking nice in front of a mirror.

3. Boudoir


PRI_0971These photos are romantic photos that work well for new couples to married ones. It’s rather standard but special photographs. It can printed or turned into a print. either way a preview of  the outfit can be a nice imagine to keep in mind for the weekend or later that night.

4. Uplifting Photos

This is a shot that is sexy but moderately dressed.


Valentines day photos don’t have to be over-the-top sexy. Posting a photo in a lovely dress can show the confidence of being single without appealing to too much unwanted attention. Lingerire is nice but I love the appeal of sexiness in clothing that women lounge around in during the day.


5. Date Night

Go out on a date and bring the photographer. Add it to the scrap-book to make a complete day perfect. Show your lover the devotion to documenting this special day that isn’t just for the likes.

Photos are rarely taken seriously these days but they can be found on our walls, photo albums, wallets and our office desk. Social media is a nice place to put things but photos have a mental benefit when you see things that make you happy.

Importance of photography

I personally could imagine a relationship that’s falling apart and right before the person cheats he/she sees the photo of love on the nightstand and gets choked up and end that one night stand right where it stands. Sometimes we always need a push or a reminder.



Coming soon!

A preview of some of my more traditional work


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