As kids we are told a series of things by our teacher and we assume they are correct. Now we remember it for a test and we are considering that as our basis of intelligence and self-esteem. Now as adults we have different people in roles of a teacher. We hear what they say and we remember it as fact. Imagine someone telling you that everything we know was wrong. You  may change a lot of people’s minds. Now imagine me telling you that you were wrong again.

We are taught to do as we are told and thus our intelligence is literally seen as how obedient we are. This isn’t a knock at college, from what I’ve seen there are a lot of application to what we were taught. Especially in my field of biology. So imagine my face when someone with the name of Dr. tell everyone to go against science. That would catch anyone’s attention who loves biology. This is what happened.

A man literally used the authority of being a doctor to tell everyone that western science is false, yet that is your expertise. This man is none other than the late Dr. Sebi. His supporters have looked at me strange for going to college in biology but then push diet treatments of things I was able to instantly say “yeah that’s dangerous.” Let’s dive into the flaws of adult education

Flaws of education on Adults

As adults we get increasingly wary of people with a lot of money. Grass-root activist and solo heroes are hung in our rooms on posters (probably not). It’s true we do have a history of the rich doing malicious things. So the cry to fight the power is always strong in our minds. Let’s add some fire to this party. We love horror movies especially when it’s real to us. Suddenly we don’t want vaccinations for newborns, terrorist (that no one is actually afraid of), science is wrong, everyone is trying to kill us through food and pills and let’s not forget the world is flat.

And the only thing stopping you from thinking you are crazy is the amount of other people believing in it.

A man’s insanity to genius ratio often depends on the number of followers.

Everyone wants an alkaline diet but what does that actually mean and where does it come from?

Otto Heinrich Warburg

He was a German scientist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 on cancer research. Which is a scientist that is often quoted to support an alkaline diet. He stated that cancer cells reproduce via anaerobic respiration. Not dependent on oxygen. I see people quote him and expand that to all diseases. We have to address that before we move on.

bacteria are cells and some reproduce anaerobic or anaerobic, that is just how some bacteria work. Virus are not considered alive. This the oxygenated body isn’t really a factor. HIV was compared with this kind of research. Supporters wanted to say Oxygen was alkaline. Which is false. But Oxygen just sounds nice to covet.

His research stated that tumor cells grew as a form of sugar fermentation. However science has moved passed that as the cause and people among the scientific community know cancer to be mutations.

This is more his fight that Dr. Sebi took the mantel on as Warburg was starting to become less accepted in the scientific community. But that’s just how things go in science. When something is discovered everyone in that field test your theory. That is how one can win a Nobel Prize and still be wrong. Because he was still very useful but science always move forward.

Sites like oxygen 4 cells, take what seem to be limited knowledge on science and use “common sense” to fill in the blanks. That is what the common person is doing when presented with facts. Yet we don’t know what parts are missing. saying according to, it takes the responsibility off the writer. But it goes back to my original statement

let the teacher say what is fact and we don’t challenge it we use “common sense” to make sense of holes.

The hole here is that you can infer that it could be the cause of all diseases or all cells can become a cancer cell if there isn’t enough oxygen. Yet again it is believed that it is Mutations not a cell using sugar to survive when there is no oxygen.



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