Just a modern noir meet afro-punk with a tie love story in the once cold now warm city of wind…


I don’t like your phone calls; I don’t have much to say.

Yet I get animated on the phone, I suppose crave the attention yet…

just, say it.


I can’t, not over this text message. It wouldn’t feel right. I know I am distant but that’s just how we are. 

You’re afraid of feeling, I just decide not to feel. There’s a difference

I’m afraid I’ll hurt you. I never seen you…hurt.

Ah, I see.

I can’t deal with your 3-word replies. 

Meet me on the rooftop so we can talk

Here I am for the first time during the summer and I never noticed there was a pool here. I guess It was one of those rooftops that was covered by a hard pool cover and we always sat by the fire pit to stay warm. By habit I sat near the fire pit overlooking the city. Life wasn’t—

-Light breathing-


-She was already sitting next to me-


She had to be there for at least 5 minutes. There she was…I actually never seen her in anything less than a coat. It was just this February that I got her number. We never really seen eye-to-eye yet we always talked; in our own distant way. 

Say something…

I—what happened to us? 

There was never any “us”

It seemed like we cared less and less the warmer the weather got. The world seemed to beautiful. Two cynical souls who need solitude but always found each other. 

Us? Don’t get the wrong idea. I think we are getting soft… meeting like we care.

she slowly turn towards me,  glaring at me. she looks away as she bites her lip.  

Shut up…

She gets up with something I thought was a swim suit but it was something sexier as she takes a dip in the pool to cool off and slowly walk about out. what a fucking tease!


She walks back over and sits down next to me once again…

Say it…

I paused…

Say it

I hand her a drink

So, you do miss me!

As she snatches the drink quickly but careful enough not to spill a drop. She glanced over with an accomplished look of pride.


I crack a smile and finished my shot of Whiskey as we enjoy the city lights for the first time during the summer. 

Written & shot by Ice cold, Rebel

Model: Mia





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