Moral Victory of Kindness

What is this Moral Victory of Kindness?

Before we start let’s frame this correctly. This is the depressive reality of philosophy. We can enjoy life in ignorance but where is the fun in that? Time to know why people are so kind to you.

is MVK happening to you?

Some people are kind people; it’s in their nature. Some are just being nice or “don’t expect this to happen again,” kind of nice. If you are the former you may be suffering from MVK. MVK is when someone is kind to you to meet a moral quota in their life. You the person have no real value to them.

How to spot MVK

Are these people asking questions about you, or are you just tagging along playing the “ear.” Playing the ear is being the listener in a one-sided conversation that could go on for months or even years. Not many people beat the one they confide with, you are their locket of secrets where they can vent their frustrations. They are nice to you but not really interested if you are doing fine.

Groups of friends

Token. Are you a token friend? The best example of this is one black friend in the group of white people. I have been a token friend in one as well as had real friends with a group of white people- there is a difference trust me. If you are a token it may seem like you are a circus act for things that come normal to you. Did everyone hang out alone at any given point but majority of the time you seen them was in the group? That goes for any group. That is when you are a token. For some reason they get moral points for having you there.


It’s easy to fall in love with these kinds of people. You know so much about these people and they are shocked when you express said love; well let’s remember they know little about you.

In some cases these people ask how you are doing especially if you are stuck in the position of number two until his or her real love takes position. That person is getting moral points that we all seem to need to feel like a good person at the end of the day. Think about it, real friends let their guard down without flinching and then get punched in the chest. That tactful conversation of something not so deep represents the distance that you two have. It’s unfamiliar territory. Don’t confuse that for you two having a “moment.”