With the third part released I thought I do an early release of the expanded visual used in Ice queen that has not been seen by the public. It is some good stuff people but I do want to help support everyone involved financially because frankly when shit hits the fan art isn’t always a luxury.

The goal is for everyone to spend more time and produce better products tailor made for all the sponsors and viewers. I can count more than 100 times where I blew more money because I didn’t want to break a $5 to get my change back. Oh the shame…any-who.

Here is part 3 if you want to check this out! Follow her on Twitter for all of your updates!

The project updates will be



Here are some ancestor concepts that help bring this one too life that will also be placed in the full set of the Ice queen hidden visual. Got to love creative writing and work to have work that happened before the work was created.

Part 4 by Grim Angel


If you can I would like for you to support my Patreon so that I may bring these models back and create more interesting work!


Some of this work was re-purposed for the upcoming Noir project such as this shot below. More can be seen here

Lo’s Noir



I plan on making the noir work more gridy as things progress such is love as time pass. I have some visuals that I love to post on my pinterest. Love from dirty cards is just too perfect. Love, what is this game that we play?



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