Good and Evil Pick Sides

I posed a question recently. What are you when the side you are on shoots at you?

In my mind, either mistaken as the enemy or your method is conflicting.

This is what I see in the United States in the race relations in terms of Police brutality.

Side A: Police should have and or had reason to kill them



Double Agent Side A: All lives matter

Woke up and realized they are living on the wrong side of the tracks

Side B-1 but don’t realize they are on Side A: Support Our officers with little or no question.

Side B-2: It was wrong but it wasn’t racist

Side B-3 It wasn’t racist, they reached for the gun


Side B-4 It’s only a few bad apples

Side B-5 it has nothing to do with cops overall

The whole point of the war

Side B: Stop killing black people

Things in a political war can get very confusing. I found myself on the point of the war from the start and never moved. It’s not a bragging point. I am a black male; cops find me while I am walking. I and I’m very cautious, as anyone should be if they knew they could be killed with little consequences.

Armies are not composed of clones. Divide them and sometimes you won’t have to raise a sword.

My thoughts:

When the hell did people treat the police like army veterans? It has become as if to question the police as a whole operating system is equivalent to a racial slur. What do you expect people to think when the cops come late, don’t always help in domestic violence situations and to top that off beat and kill minorities at a higher frequency? This goes to B-1 to B-5.

Offended? Look to the past, culture can influence people to do what we see as evil. Why? Evil is only what we think is bad in relation to the people who we relate to. That is why conversation beyond finding common grounds is the only way to talk. Argue if you want to incite war.