As a man who is making money from outside of a nine to five I understand the value of time a lot more. There are still other levels to the increased profit when a person takes their skills and start making money from it. 

Team up or get paid for your time…

Which to choose?

Choosing if you want to team up with a new organization or being hired can have a major impact on things moving forward. From my experience it often seemed like people didn’t believe in my dreams or ability to reach them when I get turned down. However, more time than not I don’t see these people doing anything other than working their job or in other cases going back to being unemployed.

I would choose to pay these people for their time if I absolutely need them. However the flip side of the deal is these freelance workers working royalty free. I seen people who only wanted money upfront and didn’t get much work afterwards. The people that they worked with made 20 times the amount they paid out. That is the point of doing business.

Join the team if you can see yourself working with them for a while and believe in their mission. Also if you don’t want to work with them, think of the profit that will be made from working with them.

One thing I understand is there isn’t much certainty that they will call me back.


I would often choose freelance work if the company that comes to me has a low volume of opportunities and flexibility. Usually music and recording companies that are trying to launch wouldn’t appeal to me. When there is one mouth to feed their voice is often small, when there are many people the pie is divided too much.

When I have major projects I will opt for freelance work and let them know that my hands are tied as to not unknowingly build resentment.

Always remember

Keep your word

It’s important to not burn any bridges but also put in the work when work is required. Don’t play your creative peers and your word speaks volumes in business. Don’t ruin your name by being unreliable.

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