Visual art and musical art what should everyone’s aim should be?

For me to create a discussion from the art that you create is the peak of art to me. That is it. I gave it to you quickly. You can go on about your life or look at some art below that I took a liking to.

Why would I want discussion?

This is a great way to teach people new things without forcing someone to read. Lupe Fiasco and artist like him has a way to create instant classrooms. As meanings are not always heavy-handed. Much like a great movie or show the facts are not spoon fed. It allows people to enjoy it then later or eventually the person will want to understand what’s being said. Its still the minority of people who don’t like lyrical tracks but there is still a larger group of people who do not read for pleasure or development.

Song Reaction of King Nas by Lupe Fiasco

I am not the best at breaking down musical songs but videos on YouTube have taken on the conversation to help us understand and fully appreciate art without pulling out a thesaurus.

If I would have heard this album before my beach shoots would have had a tribute.



Samurai Champloo

Then there is one of my favorite shows. A great part of this show is what happens outside of the show. There is so much discussion on a show that was only one season that it is still talked about till this day.

My favorite part of the show is the beautiful music where I can go back the same as I would go back like listening to my favorite song in a long form performance. That being said the show did release musical album.

Here is some photography inspired by this show.


The hat is actually of African roots but everyone would think Asian heritage. This is just an example of convergent culture.  

This was a quick post from the archive as a prep to bring things back to life I will be back shortly peace, enjoy life. 


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