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Personality In The Photos We Take

A backstory on our real self screaming out to who’s ever in control of your body.


Happy Loner Paradox

Swaying back and forth between despair and joy alone I wonder why can’t I stay stable? I was formally a big supporter of self-sustaining happiness, however that is a biological paradox. Everything I have been told is telling something different yet therapist that I’ve had told me that my happiness

Valentines, Honestly Part:1

For the single Valentines day is just another day where we might avoid social media and eat ice cream. Wait a min, hold that thought…I’m going to get some ice cream. Still Special Hey this is a day of love. I can’t love myself and cry tears of…joy? I want

Studies Show – Rationalism Scientist

How we are being fooled

Through the Web: Dave Chappelle

Interesting yet controversial statement on the transgender movement & white privilege

How to take a Loss in Life

If you were expecting a mushy speech on how things will get better or how things always seem to work out for the better this is not the place. After all if that is true then that doesn’t need to be stated.   The Secret The hidden secret to losing

Photography: Color Correction Tips

It’s been a while but I am back from vacation and I’ll start this with a valuable tip on photography. Color Correction I will start off with the basics that many may forget when working with something like Lightroom or PhotoShop. When working on the camera calibration I usually see

Controlling The Narrative on your value

Motivational self- worth and photo set of recent shoot.

Brainstorming Against Depression

Things I do to fight the winter blues.

Male Performance anxiety

Likely diagnosed as erectile dysfunction but it could have a social disease more than a physical one. This is my attempt to help anyone who might be siking themselves out or overthinking during sex.   This idea came to me literally scrolling through Instagram and the usually but uncontested bashing

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