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Flaws of Discovery: Dr. Sebi, Warburg & Science

As kids we are told a series of things by our teacher and we assume they are correct. Now we remember it for a test and we are considering that as our basis of intelligence and self-esteem. Now as adults we have different people in roles of a teacher. We

Ugandan knuckles; Racist

Let me get my thoughts because this isn’t a post to preach to the choir. This post was made to explain to everyone who thinks it’s “just funny.” Later I will talk more on this in my Podcast this Thursday. Let’s first start off with what people first seen as

Studies Show – Rationalism Scientist

How we are being fooled

Through the Web: Dave Chappelle

Interesting yet controversial statement on the transgender movement & white privilege

Activist preaching to the choir then Fighting.

Post hot from Black photo culture The hottest theme in the conscious or woke black community has been what to do to fight white supremacy. That’s all fine and dandy but here is where we have problems. Are we discussing for likes, ego and to be right or to see

Sexual Harassment in The Grey

Is it all black & white or are some taking it too far while others doing it passively?

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