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5 Valentines Day-Inspired Shoots Single or Couples

This year Valentines day will be in the middle of a classical work week. Photos can be a perfect way to do some early foreplay for the love of your life to look forward on the weekend. For the single people out there this can be a great opportunity to

5 Deadly Sins in Dating

Traps to avoid & First look on V-day photo set.

Sex, Culture & Self-Respect

Are we sex crazed because our self-esteem is low?

Snow Drift Model Preview

One of the first people to push me back My nickname is ice   As I journey on my farewell tour I found a new model who didn’t want me to give it up. This shoot says a lot about where I am as a photographer and an artist. The

Why She Cheated

Hope everyone is having a good day and I hope this post won’t ruin it, but I am back from my small vacation and it was all work and no play. So many have their theories on why women cheat. Here is mine and how it is different from what

A Man expressing his feelings

Should Express them or not?

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